Clothing Treatment Services

Clothing treatment service consists of: Washing and drying, drying only (placing clothes in clothes dryers on the highest possible setting for at least 30 minutes) and/or placing clothes in a thermal heat chamber. Thermal heat is an alternative pest control method to eliminate bed bugs from clothing, shoes, toys, books, etc. through the use of heat–rather than chemicals and toxins. Once the temperature in the chamber reaches 116 degrees Fahrenheit, all stages of bed bugs cycle–including eggs–are killed within one hour of heat soak. We have successfully treated furs, suede, leathers, linen, sweaters, coats, suites, purses, shoes, books, toys–even furniture with Thermal Heat for years–without a single incident of damage. That’s because the heat that emanates from a Thermal Heater is dry, clean heat. If you are interested in renting devices that produce thermal heat, like a Packtite Closet or a Zappbug Room, give us a call. While we don’t rent equipment, we’ll point you in the direction of companies that do. Please know that companies are independent of Prep 4 Bed Bugs, LLC. We are simply referring them. Therefore any business that you decide to conduct with them is between you and them. As with all companies, we urge you to do your homework. Be sure to check their business history, reviews, etc. and ask lots of questions before engaging their service.

It is best to treat bed bug infested items that would otherwise be damaged in clothing dryers with Thermal Heat.