Our Clients Speak!

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Your technicians were faster than the speed of light, accommodating, professional, friendly and a great sense of humor! Highly recommendable.

~ Marlene (Lower East Side of Manhattan)

The crew, Shawn, JoAnna and Anthony were absolutely fantastic! Not only did they give 110%, they were a delight to be with! Of course I would recommend your service to everyone.

~ Best Regards Rob K., Upper East side of Manhattan

When I learned that I had bed bugs, I was totally devastated. I learned all the information I could find on the internet and about the process of dealing with this problem. I also learned that the preparation of my apartment before the exterminators came was the most important part of the process. A friend recommended Prep 4 Bed Bugs so I gave them a call. From that first conversation, my fear and anxiety about how I could possibly do all this work was quickly dissolved.

Yasmine walked me through the entire process, explained how her technicians would prepare my entire apartment and get me ready for the exterminators. Tracy, The Office Manager came to my home the next day, assessed what had to be done, gave me an estimate that I could live with and set up an appointment for the preparation. The team arrived on time, brought in all their supplies and equipment and got to work immediately. They were pleasant, very efficient, professional and involved me in the process of sorting things out.

I want to thank the entire Prep 4 Bed Bugs staff for a job very well done! I could not have done this by myself. I feel fortunate to have found this company.

~ Barbara R., Manhattan

About an hour ago, Shawn and Larry finished working in my grandparents apartment. First of all, they came exactly within the time that was given to me by Prep 4 Bed Bugs. That in itself is no small feat. Words can't describe how amazing they were, but i'm going to try anyway. They were an amazing team.They were so professional and knew exactly what each other needed to do and when it needed to be done. They were compassionate. They somehow managed to calm down my 90 year old grandfather (who was having a nervous breakdown). By the time that they left, he was saying that they were wonderful boys and that I should stay out of their way!!! They handled every piece in the house like they were taking care of a million dollar piece of art. I still can't believe it. Who cares so much about others people's property that is obviously completely valueless??? They were so kind and patient throughout this whole day. They made everyone (like me) who felt overwhelmed by this whole situation, feel at ease. I felt for the first time in over 10 years that I had the best people doing the hardest job. This is really just the beginning--I can send a 50 page e-mail, but I won't :).

It don't want to forget mentioning Tiffany from the office, who was on the phone with me about 20 times yesterday alone. She started this process for me in a very positive way. She answered my 1000 questions and always called me back exactly when she said she would. Again, I have to ask, who goes out of their way like this to help someone, who at the tie, was not even a customer yet?

Thank you, thank you, than you all 1 million times!!!!!!

~ NM, Far Rockaway

The two Eddies were terrific, respectful men who worked hard. Thank you.

~ Lenora, Upper East side of Manhattan

I want to say thank you to you Sean and his team for doing a great job last week. They were very professional, courteous and a pleasure to work with. Every organization is only as good as it's people and you are very fortunate to have Sean and his outstanding team!
~ Bob, Bronxville, NY

Thanks so much for sending your great guys over to help me with the new mattress covers. They were mannerly, apt at the work, did not stint on the effort to do things the best way and carefully reminded themselves to put tape on the spring. Yasmine, I think they heard your teaching voice in their heads. So well trained! It was really a delight to work with them.

Thank you for thinking of every last detail, the tape around the box spring was a great idea and shows wonderful attention to detail.

~ Best regards for the new year. EM, Upper East side of Manhattan

Your technicians get the highest rating from us. They were prompt, professional and accommodating. Although there is no way to totally get rid of the anxiety caused by this problem (especially to a 94 year-old man), Prep was amazing in doing the physical work necessary--taking total and complete care of that part of the process. We will definitely recommend your company should we hear of anybody who needs prep work. Thanks for being so helpful.

~ Judy

Dear Prep,
Shawn and his team did an excellent job. They were efficient in packing and removing all clothing. Also, they were very thorough in removing all trash and vacuuming all areas. I appreciate their attention to detail. On a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest, I rate them a ten.

~ K., Elmhurst

The crew was very efficient and what I appreciate most was that they took me thru the process--step by step which made me feel more comfortable; very friendly and were empathetic with my situation.
Thank you very much

~ EL; Manhattan

WOW! I heard that this company is very good, but I never thought that they are THAT good. It is really a pleasure to deal with professionals.

~ OG; Tenant Relations Manager

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