Sealing Service

Bed bugs can wander from one room to another–even one apartment to another through wall voids and shared conduits (i.e. plumbing pipes and electrical wiring). While you will not be able to avoid bed bugs hitchhiking on your clothes or luggage or that of visitors, you can make your apartment impervious to bed bug entering via those avenues mentioned above from neighboring units. Our sealing service will do just that. We seal all baseboard molding, voids around heating pipes and cracks in walls. Then we place fire-retardant insulation in all outlet and switch electrical boxes and seal around the cover plates. Finally we insert outlet plugs in all unused outlets. Our service service not only make your apartment impervious to bed bugs entering your apartment from neighboring units, it also prevent bed bugs from using these areas as harborages.

This service should be performed before moving into a new apartment; after you have had bed bug treatment and your Pest Management Company certified your apartment “bed bug free”; or when you discover that your neighbor above you, beside you or beneath you (with whom you share a wall and/or electrical/plumbing conduits) has bed bugs. This service will greatly decrease the chances of you getting bed bugs from neighboring units.