On January 18, 2011, Ryan Carey organized a round table discussion at the Museum of the City of New York entitled:“Plague! Bed Bug Myths and Realities”. This summit was cosponsored by the American Museum of Natural History and the New York Entomological Society. Over 100 concerned citizens attended to listen to an expert panel discuss: What’s hype and what’s reality; How the recent bed bug plague is affecting city life and culture, and what to do to keep bed bugs out of your apartment. Read more in the Epoch Times…

But you don’t need a license to start a bedbug business. Bronx entrepreneur Yasmine Hecker says she was the first, in spring 2009, to launch a bedbug prep service. Read more…..

My life went from easy to the most difficult it had been almost overnight. Had I not found this website, I would not have discovered two essentials to living through this experience:

1) proper preparation for the exterminator is the key to ridding one’s life of them.

2) that finding a business run by someone who understands the fears and anxieties of her clients can make a huge difference in how the work
gets done. Read more….

On March 21 and March 29, there will be two more bone marrow drives. Yasmine Hecker, property manager at Savoy Park, is hosting an event this Saturday. Read more…