Pre-Treatment Preparation

Before Pest Management Companies can effectively treat your home, they require that you prepare your apartment according to their specifications. All pest management companies agree that the proper preparation maximizes the effectiveness of their treatment–regardless of the treatment method used. The prepping process is an arduous, time consuming and stressful process. That’s where we come in—we’ll properly prepare your home for bed bug treatment. Our prepping service reduces the number of insects, eggs and larvae in a matter of one day!

Please know that we follow your Pest Management Company’s pre-treatment instructions to the letter. Preparation instructions varies from Pest Management Company to Pest Management Company. For instance, some Pest Management Companies require that the kitchen and bathroom(s) cabinets are emptied. If this is required, we will include it in our pre-treatment preparation service at no additional cost.

Our Preparation Procedures combine an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach with available pest prevention, control and monitoring methods to manage bed bugs by the most economical means. It promotes prevention over remediation and advocates integration of at least two or more strategies to achieve long-term solutions.

What Is IPM?

IPM is not a single pest control method but, rather a series of pest management evaluations, decisions and controls. IPM works to monitor and prevent in the most effective and cost-efficient manner that presents no risk to people or the environment. Based on the definition alone, we devised an effective and environmentally-friendly approach to managing, monitoring, controlling and eradicating bed bugs. Our approach includes, but not limited to:

Use of a Thermal Heat
The use of portable thermal heat devices is an Eco-friendly way to effectively kill bed bugs, eggs, mites and larvae.

Use of Plastic Crate and Dollies
Our packing method is fast, convenient, organize and cost effective. Our crush-proof crates accommodate heavy loads and sharp objects and has a zero percent chance of puncturing or tearing. It also protects your belonging from damage and secure your valuables preventing tampering and external intrusion.

Use of Commercial Dry-Vapor Steamer Cleaners
Our dry-vapor steam machines produces steam over 200 degrees Fahrenheit killing insect, eggs and larvae on contact.

Use of Commercial Four-Filtration HEPA Vacs
Our four-filtration HEPA vacs prevents insects, eggs and larvae from being disbursed around your home. HEPA vacs have the necessary filters to ensure that no insects, eggs and larvae are expelled out of the exhaust while vacuuming.


For discretion, Prep 4 Bed Bugs’ vehicles are unmarked, our uniforms do not bear our name and our prepping material and equipment are concealed in inconspicuous carry bags. Your neighbors will only know why we’re in your home if you choose to tell them.