Post Treatment Aftercare Service

Some Pest Management Companies require their clients to perform an “Aftercare Service” between treatments. This entails, vacuuming all floors, baseboards, around outlets, all furniture (top to bottom, inside and out) and all closets throughout–with the exception of kitchens and bathrooms. They also require that the floors are mopped with water throughout your home. Once aftercare is completed and all treated areas are dry, children, pets and pregnant women may return home and fish tank filters may be plugged back in. If you are using a Pest Management Company that requires post-treatment aftercare, give us a call, that is a service that we provide.

Post Treatment Restoration Service

Our Post-Treatment Restoration service will help you get rid of any reminders of an infestation.

We’ll vacuum the baseboard molding, closets, mattresses, carpet, upholstery and wooden furniture to remove dead bed bugs, casing, etc. using HEPA vacs and restore your apartment to its original state by putting things back where they were. This service requires the approval of your pest management company and is best performed after a K-9 inspection. Call us today for a quote for this service.