Employee Training

Our employees are required to attend a five-hour training course. The course covers ethics, employment policies and procedures, biology of a bed bug, recognizing signs of bed bed activity, the life cycle of a bed bug, inspecting for bed bugs, preventing cross-infestations while providing preparation service, the proper use and operation of the tools, material and equipment that we employ in our preparation process, how to avoid taking bed bugs home, the proper way to prepare for extermination and finally, they are taught to keep a heightened level of vigilance to ensure that they are prepared to handle all levels of bed bug infestations. All employees receives a copy of “201 Things To Know About Bed Bugs” by Paul J. Bello; “Preventing and Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Safely” by the NYC Department of Mental Health and Hygiene; Our preparation procedures handbook and pictures of bed bugs in all stages of development –all of which helps makes them proficient in dealing with bed bug infestations.

We all know that the cornerstone of any business is quality service. We believe that our training course is essential to ensure that all employees are provided with the knowledge and practical ability to perform their duties effectively. It also ensures that they promote and maintain the highest standards in personal conduct and professionalism in the industry.

We continually hold mandatory training for all of our employees to introduce new equipment, material, products and procedures. This is necessary to ensure that the proper use of material is being employed; equipment is being operated correctly and that proper preparation procedures are being implemented on every job.