Disposal Service

The first inclination a person gets when bed bugs are discovered in their home is to discard of their mattress and box spring. Encasing the mattress before disposal to prevent bed bugs from falling off in the common areas (hallway, stair, elevator, lobby and basement), does not enter their minds. The results: bed bugs find their way into neighboring apartments. Our Disposal Service properly prepare items that you want to discard for disposal. Here’s how:

Our highly-trained technicians are armed with hazmat suits (if necessary), gloves, masks,  HEPA vacuum cleaners, stretch wrap, plastic bags, furniture bags, an Eco-friendly, pro tease enzyme cleaner, hand trucks and all of the tools necessary to ensure that a thorough, rapid disposal job is performed. Please know that for your discretion, hazmat suits are only worn while our technicians are working in your home.

We prepare items for disposal by vacuuming and spraying all furniture with an Eco-friendly enzyme spray; Then we wrap mattresses and box springs in heavy-duty disposable plastic covers. Upholstered furniture is encased in furniture bags or wrapped in stretch wrap film. That’s it!  You can now removed said items from your home with absolute certainty that doing so will not affect your neighbors.

For discretion, Prep 4 Bed Bugs vehicles are unmarked, our uniforms do not bear our name, and our equipment are concealed in inconspicuous carry bags and crates. We present ourselves as a cleaning company. Your neighbors will only know why we’re in your home if you choose to tell them.