Canine Inspections

Bed Bug Detection Dogs Are 98% Accurate In Detecting Live Bed Bugs And Viable Eggs!

Bed bug infestations will not go away without intervention. Intervention is most effective when bed bug populations are low. Unfortunately, because bed bugs are so elusive, detecting the presence of them in the early stage is difficult—even for highly-trained pest management professionals. It is impossible for humans to successfully detect live bed bugs and/or viable eggs if the infestation is behind a wall, under a carpet, deep in wall voids or behind baseboard molding—hence the introduction of bed bug detecting dogs. Bed bug detection dogs detects the presence of live bed bugs and viable eggs in a manner that is minimally invasive.

We work closely with the industry’s best scent detection companies–All of which are National Entomological Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA)-certified K9s and handlers. They offer:

  • Accurate scent detection service for detecting live bed bugs and viable eggs;
  • Years of experience servicing commercial and retail business professionals, property owners, property managers and their industry partners;
  • The ability to certify properties as bed bug free;

Don’t wait until bed bugs are out of control! Call us for a canine inspection. It’s fast and 98% accurate. Remember, all bed bug detection services are not create equal.

Please know that the canine inspection companies that we refer to our clients, DO NOT offer or provide any inkind incentives or services to us (we do not get paid for referring and we do not received referrals for referring them). We refer them because of their honesty, integrity, and ethical business practices–exactly the type of companies you need to deal with when you are faced with a bed bug infestation