The Birth Of Prep 4 Bed Bug, LLC

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Prep 4 Bed Bugs, L.L.C., realized the need for a prepping service while managing an 1800 unit luxury rental complex in Manhattan. Working off the preparation sheet of several well-known Pest Control companies, her real estate management experience and her knowledge of bed bugs’ behavior, she conceptualized an innovative service and introduced Prep 4 Bed Bugs, LLC to New York City residents, landlords, building managers and commercial business owners in 2009–pioneering the prepping service industry.

“Today our service remains unmatched primarily because we extend ourselves well beyond the “basic” pre-treatment preparation required by Pest Managements companies. This makes our service superior to that of other companies that are simply vacuuming and laundering. At Prep 4 Bed Bugs, we know that there is so much more involved in preparing for bed bug extermination than vacuuming and laundering; Hence the birth of our intensely, meticulous pre-treatment preparation service.

Today, we boast completion of thousands of prep jobs with thousands of satisfied customers! So if your home gets invaded by bed bugs or other pesky critters, call us–we can help!

Yasmine Hecker, Owner/CEO