About the CEO

Yasmine Hecker, the founder of Prep 4 Bed Bugs, LLC has 13 solid years of experience as an on-site Real Estate Manager–managing Co-ops, Condos, luxury rentals, Mitchell Lamas and Rent Stabilized properties throughout New York City. She is an Accredited Realty Manager (ARM) and a Registered Apartment Manager (RAM); a Member of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and a Licensed Real Estate Broker. These associations are dedicated to educating and raising the standards of excellence for Property Management and Pest Management professionals.

She has completed the required 40-hour Pest Management course relating to the application of pesticides and has passed the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s Pest Management Exam to become a Licensed Certified Commercial Pesticide Technician so that she could be better advise, consult and educate clients as it pertains to identifying, monitoring and treating bed bugs. While she is no longer a Licensed Certified Pesticide Technician, she remains knowledgeable in the field.

She is constantly searching for ways to make dealing with insect infestations less stressful and more affordable for apartment dwellers, homeowners, landlords and businesses and the treatment process easier and more effective for Pest Management companies.