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Prep 4 Bed Bugs, LLC is the first step towards successfully combating bed bugs, bird mites, carpet beetles and clothes moth infestations, as the proper preparation ensures quick and effective eradication.   While we are not exterminators, our meticulous pre-treatment preparation service has proven to be a critical part of the insect eradication process in co-ops, condos, luxury rentals, public housing, senior living facilities, businesses, hotels, schools and more.  Also, we’ll take on jobs other companies refuse to–like complete disposal of extreme hoarders’ apartments infested with bed bugs and mice.

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We sell quality mattress and pillow encasements. Prevent and protect your mattresses, box springs and pillows from being invaded by dust mites and bed bugs.  Our encasements have velcro near the zipper closure that prevents bed bug and dust mites from getting in or out. Note:  While the brand may change, the quality of our encasements remain the same.

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Your trusted preparation company!

Prep 4 Bed Bugs is your trusted insect preparation service company–offering an arsenal of services to help combat bed bugs, clothes moth, carpet beetles, bird mites and other insect infestations. We strive to make dealing with insect infestations, bearable. We are a Better Business Bureau accredited, A+ rated preparation company. We are former, Licensed Pesticide Technicians.  Therefore, we have the knowledge, ability and experience to get the job done right!

In 2009, we’ve pioneered the prepping industry in New York. Since then, we have prepared thousands of homes and businesses. We are New York’s answer to the proper insect preparation service! So when you find yourself faced with an infestation and your exterminator gives you that dreaded prep sheet with a laundry list of things to do, give us a call–that’s what we do!


We’ll match your lowest quotation!

Our Company and team of prep technicians are dedicated to providing you with complete customer satisfaction and expert insect preparation services, while ensuring that you don’t break the bank. Request a quote from us today, and include a quotation from another preparation company. We will match all reasonable offers! We reserve the right not match offers from companies that offer a deceptively or unrealistically low quote–as we find this to be an unethical business practice.


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We have two former Licensed Pesticide Technicians on board for you to consult with. Call us today for free, no obligation, unlimited consultations!