You Could Save 30-40% Using Us
Our Packing Method is Fast And Cost Effective
You could save 30-40% if you contract Prep 4 Bed Bugs to prepare your home or business for bed bug extermination. Our “Vac Pack N Stack” packing method is fast, convenient, organize and cost effective. Also, it allows us to complete prep jobs in less time than our competitors—thereby cutting preparation costs by at least 30-40%. While our competitors may low-ball us on the hourly rate, their estimated completion time is sometimes twice as long. Call us for a FREE ESTIMATE to receive an all-inclusive, flat rate and compare!
We Treat Your Belongings With Respect
Our clients' personal belongings deserve to be treated with respect. That's why we've decided to incorporate plastic crates in our preparation process instead of plastic bags. Our crush-proof crates accommodates heavy loads and sharps items with zero percent chance of puncturing or tearing; prevents tampering external damage or intrusion—minimizing liability—giving our clients peace of mind that their property and information are safe and secure during the preparation and treatment process.
Your Sensitive Material And Valuables Should Be Secured
The security of our clients' personal belonging is our top concern. That's why we supply our clients with security crates and padlocks to secure their valuables for the duration of the treatment process prior to the commencement of our service.
Benefits Using Plastic Crates Using Plastic Bags
Eco-Friendly/Green Yes No
Bio-Degradable Yes No
Can Accommodate Heavy Loads Yes (77 lbs per crate) No
Easy To Move Yes (on dollies) No
Stackable Yes No
Secures Valuable and Fragile Items Yes No
Crush Proof Yes No
In addition to the benefits listed above, we realized that plastic bags are not eco-friendly. Nearly 500 billion plastic bags are used in the United States--nearly one trillion worldwide. The plastic shopping bags alone creates 300,000 tons of landfill waste each year. Less than 1% of that is recycle. Plastic bags account for 10% of debris that washes up on the U.S. Coastline. EPA studies confirm that it takes 500 years for plastic bags to decay in landfills as they do not biodegrade. Plastic bags break down into smaller, more toxic petro-polymers--which eventually contaiminates soil and waterways. As a result, 200 different species of sea life die due to plastic because bags are mistaken for food and are ingested--causing choking and/or strangulation.

The effect plastic bags has on fish and wildlife can be catastrophic! That's why we've decided to incorporate crates (as much as possible) into our business. Doing so is an important step toward becoming a "greener" company. In short, we're doing our part to reduce the carbon footprint in the United States. With an average lifespan of 15 years, our crates will help to reduce the amount of carbon contaminants plastic bags produce.
We're The ONLY Preparation Company Using Crates And Dollies!
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